6月ライブスケジュール (June perform schedule)

If there are any changes, I will let you know on this WEB.

・ 13 (土)[昼] 江東区潮見 "株式会社博伸社ビル 5階ホール" 開場 13:30, 開演 14:00. 入場無料.
< 博伸社と地域のための音楽会 vol.16 >
吉原りえ(fl), 板垣光弘(p), 井谷享志(perc)
※ご来場ご希望のお客様はあらかじめご予約をお願い致します。090-3106-8453(担当 : 牧野)

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・ 13 (sat)[afternoon] "HAKUSHINSHA CO., LTD. Building 5F Hall ", Shiomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo. open 13:30, start 14:00. entrance free.
< 博伸社と地域のための音楽会 vol.16 >
"Rie Yoshihara"
Rie Yoshihara (fl), Mitsuhiro Itagaki (p), Takashi Itani (perc)
* CD release party.
* The maximum number for the concert is 35 people.
* Reservation is required. 090-3106-8453(Makino)
* Please wear the mask and Fill out your contact number.

François Carrier / Japan Suite [CD]

François Carrier / Japan Suite [CD]
(NoBusiness Records : NBCD 125 (12€ (2200円(税込)))


1. Uchi-soto(Inside Outside)
2. Kacho-fugetsu(Flower, bird, wind, moon)
3. Rakuyou(Falling Leaves)
4. Ogose(Town Ogose)
5. Yuzu(Citron)
6. Kaze To Kumo Ni Noboru(Climb the Wind and Clouds)

François Carrier (as), Masayo Koketsu (as), Daisuke Fuwa (b), Takashi Itani (ds,perc)

Recorded live at Yamaneko-ken, Ogose, Saitama, Japan, 7th December, 2019